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Design "SALE", "NEW", "HOT" display labels for products and links

Design "SALE", "NEW", "HOT" display labels for products and links

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We can create nice-looking Shopify display labels to place near the links or product items to get customers' attention while enhancing the overall look and feel of your Shopify store.

Some commonly used labels are SALE, NEW, and HOT. Apart from that, We can set any number of labels with your preferred color schemes according to your requirement.


We can send you an access request to your theme code through my Shopify partner account. Then you'll get an email to your Shopify email. You can grant us access through that email. You don't need to share your credentials.


Please do not share your store credentials ever with anyone else.


Name: Akila D Perera
WhatsApp: +94 71 63 60 198


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